Cruelty Free Certified Humane Eggs

What does Certified Humane mean?

The Certified Humane Raised And Handled Label is a certificate put together by the Humane Farm Animal Care non-profit organization in order to ensure that animals on farms are raised and treated humanely. Products with this seal on their packages have gone through the rigorous inspection process required to qualify for the label.

At Vital Farms, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our eggs are both delicious, but also humane and conscious of the well-being of our hens. After all, our pasture-raised eggs are laid by hens that are given a minimum of 108 square feet of land at a time per bird to roam, munch, and explore.

Therefore, we take our Certified Humane label very seriously. Our hens are not harmed at all in our egg farming process, and we follow all of the guidelines laid out by the Certified Humane Certification Organization to ensure that they remain cruelty free and certified humane.

While there are many specific guidelines that a farm must follow in order to receive the Certified Humane Raised And Handled seal on their products, the basic principles are that the animals should have access to nutritious food, have enough space to roam freely, be handled with care, and live in a well-thought-out environment.

These requirements are second nature to our farmers who all raise and handle pasture-raised hens. If your package of Vital Farms eggs has a “Certified Humane Raised And Handled” label on it, you can be sure that our hens are treated with the utmost care during the farming process.

What Does Cruelty Free Mean?

When talking about cosmetics and products used by humans, cruelty free means that the products have not been tested by animals. And to take it a step, or “leap,” further, products can be labeled “Leaping Bunny Certified,” meaning that both the products and the individual ingredients have not been tested on animals.

As an egg and butter farm, our products and ingredients would never be tested on animals, but we still consider our products to be cruelty free. Our hens and cows are treated humanely, given significant amounts of room to graze, fed with the healthiest feed, and handled with care. For this reason, you can consider our eggs cruelty-free—and some may consider them v’egg’an as well because no animals were harmed in the production process!

If you’re interested in learning more about our pasture raising process, visit our educational page.