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Basil Avocado Salmon Breakfast Pita with Vital Farms eggs

Vital Farms is starting a monthly recipe collaboration with Pooja Mottl, a Natural Food Chef, Speaker, Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Vital Farms egg fan!

Pooja is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, and holds a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. She has taught cooking classes at Whole Foods Market and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. See some of her work at Pooja’s Way (

Pooja’s Basil Avocado Salmon Breakfast Pita

Yield: approx. 1 serving

Skip the cereal and go straight to this unconventional, yet incredibly flavorful and healthful breakfast pita! Oh, and did I mention how you can make this delectable breakfast in under ten minutes flat? Packed with delicious protein from the eggs and salmon and a comforting creaminess that comes from avocado, this breakfast pita will help fuel you through a day of energy and vitality. Feel free to add another Vital Farms egg, more of the balsamic or Tabasco, or even some fresh mint leaves to dazzle your morning taste buds. Enjoy!


½ whole grain or whole wheat pita

½ teaspoon grass-fed (pasture) butter (or organic expeller-pressed canola/olive oil)

1 organic Vital Farms egg

Sea salt and fresh ground pepper (to taste)

2 inch x 4 inch piece smoked wild sockeye salmon (or a piece to your taste)

½ lemon (for a squeeze or two of fresh juice)

¼ to ½ avocado, sliced into ¼ inch thick pieces

1 to 2 slices heirloom tomato (sliced crosswise into ¼ inch thick piece, then halved)

3 – 5 fresh basil leaves (or to taste)

Tabasco sauce (to taste)

Balsamic vinegar (to taste)


  1. Toast pita in toaster oven or toaster. Remove and let sit.
  2. Heat butter or oil in small fry pan over low heat. When pan becomes coated, add egg and scramble over low-medium heat. Remove egg and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Start filling your pita: Add the eggs and salmon first, dressing the salmon with a few squeezes of lemon. Follow with the avocado and tomato and basil. Season again with salt and pepper, and Tabasco and balsamic to taste. Enjoy immediately or easily wrap and pack for the office.


  • If you aren’t hungry enough to eat the entire ½ pita, slice in half and eat ¼ pita, saving the rest for later.
  • Instead of scrambling eggs, you may opt to use slices of a hard boiled egg instead. You can cook your hard-boiled egg the night before to make this recipe even faster.
  • If you don’t have basil on hand, you can use baby arugula, baby spinach leaves, or even fresh mint. Mix and match to your tastes and your current pantry/kitchen inventory!