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At Vital Farms, transparency is key

With Ag-Gag Bills on ballots all over the country and massive factory farms doing everything they can to NOT show you their “farms”, Vital Farms believes in transparency in everything we do. We host large quarterly farm tours for our customers and allow them to photograph and take video on any of our farms. We answer every customer question via phone call and email personally, and we are extremely open in the documentation of our farm practices. As we expand and begin working with more small family farmers, we stay in constant contact and visit with those farmers very regularly, to ensure they maintain the highest standards of animal welfare in the country.

Thank you for believing in us, and for supporting the ladies in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

– The Vital Farms Crew

Photos from our Spring Farm Tour in Austin, TX Saturday May 4

farmers working in a field

Pasture raised chickens in the wild

young chicken on a fence

child looking at chicken in a pen

vital farms staff

guy letting children pet a chicken

chicken in the grass

pasture raised chicken in a field

All photos by Haley Price