20 ways to recycle eggshells

Don’t you love when trash suddenly becomes a treasure? Here are 20 awesome uses for the shells, after you’ve already enjoyed the egg.

  1. Calcium water – Soak eggshells or use the (cooled down) from your boiled eggs, then water plants.
    Photo credit: theelliotthomestead.com
  2. Homemade chalk – Mix flour and hot water, and then add eggshell powder until it’s a thick paste. Add food-coloring, press into mold, let dry for a few days and voila!
  3. Soil additive – Add to the soil in your garden or houseplants to keep slugs, snails, cutworms, and cats away.
    Photo credit: freshorganicgardening.com
  4. Treat skin irritations – Dissolve shells in apple cider vinegar (for a couple days) and use the liquid to treat itchy, irritated skin.
  5. Get rid of coffee and tea stains – Crumple up some shells, place in mug/cup and fill with hot water. Let sit overnight, wash and POOF stains are gone!
  6. Fishing – Dump into water and draw fish to your boat.
  7. Cleaning – Use shells + soapy water to clean pots and pans (a natural abrasive).
    Photo credit: sheknows.com
  8. Sharpen scissors and knives – Cut through shells repeatedly to sharpen.
  9. Decoration – use the shells as a little floral/succulent centerpiece.
    Photo credit: blog.downthatlittlelane.com.au
  10. Healing cuts and ingrown nails – Peel away the thin inner membrane of the shell and cover area that needs to be treated.
  11. Unclog your drains – place in sink strainer to trap solids. When they break down they will clean pipes, too.
    Photo credit: onegoodthingbyjillee.com
  12. Facial – Crush dried eggshells and mix with egg white: smear all over your face and allow to dry before rinsing off for a really healthy, skin-tightening facial.
  13. Coffee – Add to coffee grounds to reduce bitterness.
    Photo credit: praguestepchild.blogspot.com
  14. Laundry whitener – Toss some shells in a mesh bag and into your laundry, the whites will become whiter. (Note: I’ve never actually tried this! But would love for someone to report back with some *hopefully great* results.)
  15. Compost – Crush or grind them and add to compost.
    Photo credit: growveg.com
  16. Calcium supplement – For dog: crush into fine powder (a little goes a long way) and add to food. For humans: clean shells by putting in hot oven for 5 minutes, let cool, grind to fine powder and add to your liquids.
    Photo credit: dreamdogz.blogspot.com
  17. Chicken feed – Give them back to your backyard chickens (if you’re lucky enough to have them). It’s a great calcium supplement and they’ll happily chomp away at it!
  18. Egg art – People are using shells to make everything from sculptures, to textured paint.
  19. Gelatin or chocolate mold – For a fun treat: fill shell with jello or chocolate and let your guests peel away for a surprise.
  20. Seedling starter – Poke a hole at the bottom of eggshell, then fill with dirt and one or two seeds. Once the seedling starts to grow, break a bigger hole in the bottom and then plant, shell and all!
    Photo credit: apartmenttherapy.com

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