Baked Egg in Avocado

  Looking for the perfect protein-packed breakfast or a quick snack? Try baking a pasture-raised egg in an avocado half.

Mother’s Day Beet Deviled Eggs

Remember that natural dye we used to make beautiful reddish hues on our naturally dyed Easter Eggs? Well, you can use the exact same dye to create beautifully pink hard-boiled eggs – perfect for making deviled eggs for the mothers in your life! Simply hard-boil eggs then peel and let soak in beet dye overnight (or […]

Naturally Dyed Vital Eggs

The egg (pasture-raised, of course) is a lovely reminder of fertility and abundance, and we’re loving all the egg-chat that’s accompanying this upcoming Easter holiday. Whether you’re filling with confetti, deviling, or dyeing, the egg’s versatility shines (literally! Look at those eggs!). We tried out the natural dye technique on some hard-boiled eggs and are […]

Green Goddess Deviled Eggs

What better way to get your greens on than with this green goddess deviled egg recipe?! Just kidding, the only greens in this recipe are an avocado and some tarragon, but still – it’s delicious and packed with a whole lot of healthy fats. Bring them to a summer party and be sure to make […]