Questions and Answers

Are pasture-raised eggs better for you?
Is it OK to eat eggs? How many a day?
Can I eat eggs as part of a calorie controlled diet?
What else is good about eggs?
Why are your yolks so orange?
Why do your eggs taste so good?
What do your girls eat?
Is there soy in the their feed?
Do you take hens from factories?
What happens to older hens?
What happens to the girls in winter?
How do you keep your girls safe?
What kind of hens do you have?
Why are the eggs brown?
Are your egg laying hens the same as the hens we can eat?
What’s the difference between all your egg types?
What is Certified Humane®?
What is USDA Certified Organic?
What is Non-GMO Project Verified?
Where can I find your eggs?
Can you deliver eggs?
Can I eat your eggs raw or uncooked?
Do you wash your eggs?
What’s the best way to cook your eggs?
How do I know if I’ve waited too long to cook the eggs?
What’s a double yolk?
Why are some eggs different sizes?
Do you have roosters?
Do you trim beaks?
Where are your farms?
How is pasture-raising different from free-range?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?