About Us

Organic Eggs: The Vital Farms Story.

We started our first farm back in 2007 in Austin, Texas, with 50 hens and one simple idea – to raise healthy, happy egg-laying hens outside, on fresh pastures. 

Just a simple combination of fresh air, salad and plenty of exercise is all that our girls need to provide us with the tastiest, most nutritious organic eggs imaginable!
They just love to be outdoors – it’s where these lovely ladies belong, not crammed into a warehouse. On our farms, they get to be themselves, roaming and foraging all day long. And with 108sqft of pasture each, they have plenty of space in which to do so.


You can just tell by looking at them how happy this makes them!

All our pastures are managed organically, which means we never use any chemicals or pesticides. We keep them well fertilized (thanks to the hens!), healthy and resilient by rotating them, and that keeps the girls in the fresh green salad that they love so much.
Our farms are regularly audited by 3rd party organizations to ensure we maintain our high standards, and we strive to be as environmentally sensitive as possible in every aspect of our operation.
All across the country more than 90 independent family farmers are now a part of Vital Farms, and we are growing all the time.
With a more humane and ethical approach to farming, and a respect and care for the land that we steward, together we are showing that farming need not cost the earth.